FIME 2013 Summary

The Summary of FIME Exhibition in 2013

(1) Exhibition Overview
2013 FIME exhibition was held for 3 days (Aug 7-Aug 9th)in Miami, U.S.A. According to official data, the number of visitors in this exhibition had reached 49,000 people. Medical consumables companies rank No.1 in this exhibition, next is surgical instruments. The quantity of laboratory equipment is relatively small. The 80% of the visitors were from U.S.A, and 10% were from Europe, and 3% were Canadians. There were less than 2% of visitors are Asia-pacific people.

(2) Customer Engagement
We had engaged the visitors from America, Columbia, Canada, Costa Rica, Haiti, Jamaica, Nigeria and Mexico. The American customers accounted for the largest proportion. Most of visitors were quite familiar with DAAN Gene. They were impressed by our full line of PCR products, especially the HPV series, DA7600, AGS9600 and LBP system. They were very interested in cooperation with us. We received high compliment from those old customers.

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This is our standard booth, which is 27 square meters.